OPTIMA Batteries Plugs into the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series

DateApril 12, 2012
Lucas Oil Products, Inc and the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series is pleased to announce a new partnership with OPTIMA Batteries for the 2012 racing season. "We are thrilled to start a new partnership with the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series, as they continue to be a great advocate for performance products in the marine industry," said Cam Douglass, Director of Product Development Marketing for OPTIMA Batterie. "These events take boating to the extreme and demonstrate how OPTIMA's BlueTop battery uses it's deep-cycling and cranking power technology to perform in the most-demanding of boat races. The Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series continues to bring intense speed and action to fans lakeside and OPTIMA Batteries is excited to be a part of it."

Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series Competition Director, Ken Dollar commented, "OPTIMA will be a great asset to the drag boat community and we are very excited to be working with the OPTIMA family. Extending their sponsorship even further to the "Problem Child" Top Fuel race team will be a great fit for the series. It is quite an honor to be included in OPTIMA's ongoing commitment to Team Lucas properties and series' across the USA."