OPTIMA Battery Coupon Codes - The Truth

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Everyone always wants a deal, right? With the proliferation of online shopping, consumers have almost gotten in the habit of searching online for promo codes, coupon codes or other discounts, before they make any online purchase. With so many retailers selling OPTIMA batteries online, we know that happens with our customers as well. All we need to do is search, "OPTIMA promo code" or "OPTIMA discount code" to see a multitude of sites promoting various discounts on our products. However, consumers need to be cautious when using those sites.

In the vast majority of those sites (virtually all of them), the codes they are offering are non-existent. Many will try to entice you with offers such as "Click here for free shipping!" Guess what- we already offer free shipping every day of the year! So why would a coupon site promote an offer that doesn't really exist? Because that is how they make money off your purchase.

Coupon sites generate revenue by referring potential customers to specific online retailers. When a consumer clicks on a link from one of those coupon sites and makes a purchase, the coupon site that referred that sale gets a commission. That is where the trouble can begin for consumers, especially those looking to purchase OPTIMA batteries online. There are a lot of retailers selling our products online, but not all of them are authorized to do so. Why does that make a difference?

Books and batteries are very different items and as a result, they have different packaging needs to protect them during shipping. The same type of packaging that will protect a book on a 2,000-mile trip can result in a damaged battery before it ever leaves a distribution warehouse. Unauthorized retailers have been known to ship our batteries in unapproved packaging, which can result in damage to the battery before it ever makes it to the end consumer.

Unauthorized retailers have also been known to not honor the OPTIMA factory warranty, which all authorized retailers are required to do on products they sell. Unauthorized retailers have also been known to be difficult to reach, if issues arise- the package was lost, it arrived damaged, warranty assistance is needed, etc... Some of these retailers just vanish after the sale, because they were never really a retailer at all, just another middleman (sometimes located halfway around the world), referring business to another fulfillment agent.

The problem consumers have, is they may not know whether the retailer they are being referred to by the coupon or promo code site is legitimate. The coupon site doesn't really care, because they just want the commission on the original sale. Reputable sites may not offer as high of a commission for referral traffic, because they have higher expenses to cover, such as quality shipping methods, customer service or even actual employees.

So does OPTIMA Batteries offer coupon codes? When we have in the past, we tend to make sure everyone knows about them through our own outlets, like our Facebook page. Sometimes we may offer codes to specific clubs or organizations, but when we do that, we tend to use one-time use codes, so even if an individual took that code and submitted it to a coupon or promo code site, it would only work the one time.

Another problem consumers can run into, is that once they have visited these coupon sites looking for an OPTIMA promo code, the same web bugs (aka tracking pixels and/or conversion pixels) that generate a commission for the promo code site can also be used to re-target you with ads on other sites you visit. Most of the time, they are for the same products you were shopping for, but they could also be used to serve ads to you based on some assumptions that are made about the demographic groups they think you might fit, like a male, age 18-35.

The bottom line is, if you're shopping for OPTIMA batteries online, trust the reputable retail names you know and we list on our website, like Jeg'sSummit4WheelParts or OPTIMABatteries.com.

If you want a great deal on OPTIMA products, then come to the source. We'll tell you if there are deals to be had (and sometimes there are). If you see a promo code suggesting a deal that is different than what you hear directly from us, steer clear!