OPTIMA D200+ Battery Maintainer

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Milwaukee, WI

It's May of 2023 and OPTIMA is excited to offer the third battery charger in our product line, with our all-new D200+ battery maintainer and charger. This unit charges and maintains all lead-acid 12-volt batteries, including OPTIMA batteries (obviously), other brands of 12-volt AGM batteries and flooded batteries, as well as 12-volt lithium iron phosphate batteries, including the soon-to-be-released OPTIMA ORANGETOP Lithium powersports batteries.

The immediate questions about the D200+ might automatically gravitate toward what it might be able to do, that the OPTIMA Digital 400 charger and OPTIMA Digital 1200 charger cannot do or vice versa. We'll start with the price and it's safe to say the D200+ will put a smaller number on your credit card statement than either the Digital 400 or Digital 1200. However, that lower price point doesn't deliver the same performance in every regard.

As the name suggests, the D200+ charges at a maximum rate of 2 amps, compared to 4 amps for the Digital 400 and 12 amps for the Digital 1200. That means it will take more time to charge the same battery, anywhere from two to six times as long, when compared to the Digital 400 or Digital 1200. The D200+ will eventually get the job done, but if you're in a hurry, we'd recommend the Digital 1200.

As we already mentioned, the D200+ will be able to charge lithium iron phosphate batteries, including the OPTIMA ORANGETOP. That is a feature not currently offered on either the Digital 400 or the Digital 1200. However, all three chargers do share several safety features not found on every charger on the market, including spark-free connectivity, reverse polarity protection and over-temperature protection.

The "fuel gauge" feature found on the Digital 400 and Digital 1200 is also absent on the D200+. However, in it's place you will find an integrated LED glow bar, that will allow you to determine charge status at a distance. The bar will pulse in a blue tone while analyzing the battery, then turn to a solid red while charging, solid amber while conditioning and solid green in fully-charged/auto maintain mode. There is also a pre-charge status button, that will show you an approximate state of charge in the battery, based on a five-bar display.

As we did with the Digital 400 and Digital 1200, we put some intelligent design into the cord storage, with an integrated velcro latch for the AC and DC cables and an integrated perch for the clamp connectors and ring terminals on the wall organizer bracket. All in, we think you'll find the OPTIMA D200+ will be an ideal battery charging solution for motorcycle and powersports batteries and a reliable option for larger batteries. Take a look at OPTIMA Jim unboxing his first D200+ in his garage in this video below: