OPTIMA® Faceoff Preview- Mark Golovin's 2000 Camaro SS


Given all the improvements GM has made to the F-body platform since 1967, we're surprsied we don't see more fourth gen Camaros and Firebirds participating in Pro-Touring events. The chassis and suspension are miles ahead of the first gen cars, the LS engines found in the '98 and newer rides are the engine of choice for many Pro-Touring enthusiasts and given their age and the introduction of the fifth gen Camaros, they've become very affordable.

Mark Golovin has been one of the exceptions, routinely running his 2000 Camaro SS at street car events all over the Midwest. In fact, he took OPTIMA┬« Jim for a ride on the autocross course at Holley's LSFest back in 2011. There are no fancy modifications to Mark's Camaro, just the basics to get him going and keep him running. A strut tower brace, subframe connectors and the rollbar were initially added to firm up the ride of the drop top and make it compliant to the rules for many events. Some of his friends from the Illinois Camaro Club boxed in some factory trailing arms and a panhard bar with urethane bushings pre-shocks. From there, modifications have been performed on an as-needed basis.

Brake upgrades include Powerslot rotors, Hawk pads, braided lines and DOT4 fluid. Ridetech coilovers in the front and new rear shocks in the back are the only suspension upgrades Mark has added. Golovin has also gone through the rear end on the car and cautions others to make sure they use the appropriate fluid. BFGoodrich's new Rivals are not available yet in his size, so he'll be running their g-Force Sport COMP-2 tires instead. Beyond that and a new air lid, Mark's car is essentially stock.

Don't discount him because of his short list of mods though, as Mark and his Camaro both have plenty of miles logged on tracks and autocross courses. We expect he'll more than hold his own at Road America. You can watch Mark run at Road America for free on Sunday, June 23rd, by showing your ticket stub from the Road America NASCAR Nationwide race at the Road America gate. We'll see you there!