OPTIMA Goes Racing...Again!

David Grubnic NHRA Bandimere 2013


There is exciting news for OPTIMA Batteries in the world of NHRA drag racing! OPTIMA just entered into a sponsorship agreement with drag racing legend, Connie Kalitta's NHRA drag racing teams. To say we're pretty excited would be a major understatement. Cam Douglass, OPTIMA's Director of Product Development Marketing is at the race in California this weekend and it's all he's been talking about all week long.


This announcement is just the first of several major stories that will be coming in the weeks and months ahead. Serious NHRA fans (and we're talking serious) have already noticed the appearance of OPTIMA in the list of major contingency sponsors on the NHRA website. A formal announcement of OPTIMA's major contingency sponsorship of the NHRA will be forthcoming as well.

Finally, OPTIMA is getting ready to unveil another really cool program and you don't need to be an NHRA driver to participate (although several NHRA drivers will be a part of it). If you've followed this blog closely, you will have noticed at least one mention of it so far, but more details will be coming in the near future, so check back soon!