OPTIMA® in the Costa Rican Rally Championship

PT_FaceoffRA_0336 (2)

Those of you who follow the Power Source blog know that OPTIMA┬« isn't just a company that manufactures and sells batteries to enthusiasts, we're enthusiasts ourselves! From Daryl Brockman autocrossing his BMW 325 to Mark Katz hitting the water with Edwin Evers, the OPTIMA crew loves to get out in "the field" and push our batteries to the limits, just as our customers do.  Our Wisconsin-based employees are not the only ones who like to mix it up though.

Did you know OPTIMA is a global brand, meaning you can find the OPTIMA name in tens of thousands of retail outlets around the globe?  One of those retailer partners is SUPER BATERIAS S.A., which has more than 39 locations in Costa Rica and Panama.  The marketing manager of this family-owned business is Andres Cespedes, who likes to spend his free time doing a lot of the same kinds of things we do up here in the states, including racing.  

Andres competes in the N2 class in the Costa Rican Rally Championship in this Toyota Yaris. The N2 class is for production engine cars that are between 1400 and 1600cc in size. The V4 engine in his Yaris falls right in the middle at 1500cc and as you can see, he proudly runs OPTIMA logos on his race car.  We wish Andres good luck and safe racing!