OPTIMA Mailbox- Questions about Gel Batteries, Deep-Cycle, Dual-Purpose & More


We print our toll-free number (1-888-8-OPTIMA) and e-mail address (info@optimabatteries) on every battery we sell, but some folks would like to have their battery questions answered here, on the Power Source blog. This week's mailbag is quite full, with a lot of great questions. Our first question comes from Mary F, who has a question about gel batteries-

I need to mount the gel batteries in my storage in the bottom of the middle of the boat, can you mount these on their sides or do they need to be upright?

Mary, our batteries are AGM (absorbed glass mat) lead-acid batteries in a SPIRALCELL design. They are not gel batteries, so unfortunately, we cannot offer advice on how to mount gel batteries safely. However, we can offer advice on properly-mounting our batteries. Any lead-acid battery can vent fumes that are both flammable toxic in extreme situations, so for that reason, we always encourage people mounting batteries in enclosed locations, to make sure they are properly-vented to the outside air. In fact, our D27M D31M BLUETOP┬« batteries both come with provisions for attaching vent tubes to the outside air. Our batteries can also be mounted in a variety of orientations, although we do not recommend mounting them upside down. If you do mount one of our batteries on it's side, we encourage you to consider mounting it securely, with the vent ports oriented on the top side of the battery, making sure the terminals are covered and protected from coming in contact with any metal objects.

Our next question comes from Bill M, who has a question about proof of purchase for warranty consideration:

I purchased 2 D31M OPTIMA BLUETOP batteries from a tackle shop as part of a promotion deal. There was no paperwork with the batteries. How do I obtain warranty for these batteries?

Bill, if you do need warranty service on your batteries, please contact your original retailer for assistance. It is also a good idea to hang on to your proof of purchase. If you were not given a receipt for your purchase, you can also use a canceled check or a copy of your credit card statement showing the approximate amount and date of purchase, with other non-pertinent information blacked-out.

Our next question comes from Dick S., who asks a similar question to Mary's about gel batteries:

Can a motorized scooter be placed in a truck on its back or side when powered by a gel battery?

Once again Dick, OPTIMA batteries are not gel batteries, so if your scooter is powered by a gel battery, you may want to contact the manufacturer to answer that question for you. If it is powered by one of our batteries, it is ok to place your scooter on it's side while transporting it.

Our final question comes from Bob regarding "deep-cycle" batteries-

I've been telling all my RV customers to buy AGM OPTIMA batteries. Now, I see they are selling dual-purpose batteries. Are these the best now for coach house batteries or are you still making deep cycle? I need to have this answered as I was left speechless.

Bob, our "dual-purpose" designation lets folks know that our YELLOWTOP┬« BLUETOP (D34M, D27M D31M) batteries can be used in either starting or deep-cycle applications, where some deep-cycle batteries are not well-suited for starting duty. In essence, our BLUETOP batteries will work just fine as house batteries for RV owners, but if they also wanted to use them for engine starting, they'd handle that task as well.