OPTIMA Mailbox- What is the difference between the YELLOWTOP® & BLUETOP® batteries?

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Today's question comes from Charles T, who asks : Is there any difference between the YELLOWTOP D31A and the BLUETOP D31M? I know the terminals are different. I ask, because some people say there is a difference in the plates. I have tried to find out if there is any difference and can't find any breakdown of any information. Are these insides made all the same?

That's a great question Charles and one we get quite often. Internally, our Group 31 batteries are identical, regardless of whether the lid of the battery is blue or yellow. Our group 31 batteries all come with two-year free replacement warranties, unless they are used in series string applications. The Group D31M BLUETOPs do have additional threaded terminals for marine accessories, but other than that and the color, the batteries are identical.

However, our Group 34M BLUETOP is not the same as the D34M YELLOWTOP. The 34M BLUETOP has a dark gray case, similar to our Group 34 REDTOP┬« starting batteries and is identical internally to those Group 34 REDTOP batteries. Those batteries are intended to be used in marine starting applications. We try to keep things simple for folks by identifying our starting batteries (all REDTOPs and the 34M BLUETOP) with dark gray cases and our dual-purpose, starting/deep-cycle batteries (all YELLOWTOPs and BLUETOPs except the 34M) with light gray cases.