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Milwaukee, WI

Without a doubt, the most-requested OPTIMA product of all-time has been a motorcycle battery, also referred to as a powersports battery. Powersports batteries don't just fit motorcycles, but also ATVs, UTVs, waverunners, jet skis, snowmobiles, lawnmowers and more. What many of these applications have in common is that they are typically not used on a daily basis. Most are typically used seasonally and primarily on weekends (we're not talking about you, San Diego motorcycle commuters).

These demands are quite familiar to us, as we know many of our high-performance AGM batteries also find their way into seasonally-used cars, trucks and boats, that may only get used a few times per month. When we looked at introducing a powersports battery, we knew we wanted a product that aligned with our trademark of being The Ultimate Power Source™ so for the first time in the history of OPTIMA Batteries, we are offering a lithium battery in our new ORANGETOP™ powersports batteries- lithium iron phosphate batteries, to be specific.

OPTIMA is not the first to market with a lithium-based powersports battery, but in this instance, we felt it was appropriate to make sure we took our time in developing the very best lithium powersports battery available. OPTIMA's unparalleled track record not only as an industry-leading brand, but a battery manufacturer and our extensive corporate resources in OE lithium battery design and manufacturing has given us a wealth of knowledge and expertise to develop a product that has no peer.

While it is not unusual to see lithium batteries on the market today that are re-branded batteries that use the same internal components, OPTIMA ORANGETOP batteries feature patented and proprietary cells, hardware and software. The OPTIMA ORANGETOP's sophisticated, software-based battery management system (BMS) manages for voltage, current and temperature. The HYPERCORE™ lithium cells found only in OPTIMA ORANGETOPs offer reliable performance, even at lower temperatures. The cranking performance on these batteries allows for peak current flow up to three times at five seconds, which is unmatched in the industry.

The OPTIMA CPR™/Jumpstart feature has been very well-received and automatically disconnects ORANGETOP batteries from ongoing current draws, to maintain enough power to start your vehicle. Since many powersports batteries are often buried deep inside vehicles, OPTIMA ORANGETOPs also come with a unique and patented POWERLINK™ system that offers a convenient way to control, charge and understand state of charge and battery condition and seamlessly integrates with OPTIMA lithium-enabled chargers. 

Visually, the OPTIMA ORANGETOP also stands apart with quad terminals that allow for easier installation flexibility across a wider variety of applications (>95% of all powersports vehicles). As you would expect from the OPTIMA brand, our ORANGETOP batteries come ready to be used and stand up to abuse with exceptional vibration resistance and an IP67 rating against dust and water intrusion.

That may seem like a lot of fancy talk, but the bottom line is that when OPTIMA committed to offering a powersports battery, we did it the right way. We identified and addressed the demands of the market and in doing so, developed a safe, powerful and reliable product that lives up to The Ultimate Power Source™ name.