OPTIMA-sponsored Fast Cop program honored


We recently learned that the Fast Cop program OPTIMA sponsors has just been named the winner of the local Touchstone Energy community award by Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative. Mille Lacs Energy is one of Minnesota's Touchstone Energy Cooperatives and provides this award to encourage and recognize local community contributions. Local recipients of the award receive $500 cash and become eligible for the statewide Touchstone Community award, worth $1,000.

The Fast Cop program began in 2003, with the goal of decreasing the number of deaths on Minnesota’s public roadways. The program’s unique combination of law enforcement, emergency response professionals and drag racing draws the attention of thousands of students and young drivers. Fast Cop offers techniques for safe driving practices which, in turn, helps save lives. Larry White, founder of the Fast Cop program, offers 33 years of real life experience, starting as a police officer and later as a Minnesota State Trooper.

Fast Cop has made over 300 presentations at schools all over Minnesota, stressing the importance of using seat belts and safe practices to over 8,000 young drivers. They've also presented their information at numerous car shows, car clubs, and other organizations as well as on radio talk shows. The program has also fostered a growing street-legal drag program for young drivers, where as many as 250 drag racers have taken the opportunity to legally "race a cop" on a dragstrip.

Fast Cop continues to give youth the knowledge they need to make safe, responsible decisions when behind the wheel, and working to bridge the gap between youth and law enforcement and OPTIMA is proud to sponsor this worthy program. To get more information on Fast Cop, check out their website.