OPTIMA-Sponsored Hel-Fab Racing Moves to the Front

OPTIMA Batteries
Reno, NV

The heat and vibration present in off-road racing presents one of the toughest challenges any battery will ever encounter. If a battery can survive this grueling environment, its likely to stand up to just about any other kind of abuse. OPTIMA wants to make sure our batteries are up to the task, so we relish the opportunity to be involved in off-road racing through our sponsorship of Hel-Fab Racing's JeepSpeed entry in the Best in the Desert Racing Association.

The TSCO Vegas to Reno race is the longest off-road race in the country, spanning more than 530 miles and this was the first time John Helton of Hel-Fab Racing entered the race. After 21 straight hours of driving through mountains, rocky terrain and dangerous silt beds, Helton crossed the line second in his class. His finish propelled him into first place in the JeepSpeed 1 class, heading into the Bluewater Desert Challenge. We wish Helton and the entire Hel-Fab Racing team good luck as their season rolls on! You can buy the same OPTIMA YELLOWTOP for your offroad rig here.