OPTIMA-Sponsored Racer Picks up Class 8 Win


Vibration resistance. We talk about it a lot and we test it in the real world. One such example is off-road racer, Andrea Tomba Scalia, who runs a Class 8 truck in the Pro Baja Off-Road series. Scalia won the championship last season and he has picked up in 2011, where he left off at the end of last season- in winner's circle.

Scalia recently won Los Barriles East Cape 300 and is excited to continue his effort to repeat his 2010 championship season. You can follow all the action at www.probajaonline.com, just make sure you've brushed up on your Spanish! If that doesn't work for you, just know that Charlie Sheen would probably consider Andrea Tomba Scalia a warlock who epitomizes #winning in Class 8.