OUSCI Excitement, The Second Time Around

One of our favorite things about hosting an event like the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, is that the excitement surrounding the event isn't limited to just the day of the event.  We get amped up just planning the whole year out and watching the cars compete in all of the qualifying events.

The week of SEMA is just special because it is SEMA, but the added element  of the OUSCI and the buzz surrounding it just brings things to a new level.  The event itself is the highlight, but then the weeks and months that follow have that same feeling we had as kids leading up to Christmas.  We know the magazine guys are hard at work, putting together their coverage for upcoming issues and the TV folks are editing their footage for the hour-long show upcoming on SPEED TV this Friday (8PM Eastern) and we anxiously await the final results.  All along the way, we get special treats and teasers, from all the great videos we've favorited on YouTube to the online coverage we get from all corners of the Internet.

Our latest  coverage comes from GreaseGirl, who has covered the OUSCI for the last two years for MyRideIsMe.com and she has done a fantastic job.  If you'd like to see her unique take on the event, including first-hand experience in the road rally leading up to the OUSCI, click on this link.