OUSCI Participant Troy Trepanier & the 1969 GPT Special Torino


The OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, presented by Royal Purple and KN Filters seeks to attract the very best street cars and trucks on the planet. Not every shop or every builder will show up, including some big names, because our event requires cars be driven, not just polished. One builder who is willing to put his cars to the test is Troy Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy.

Trepanier brought the 1969 Ford Torino he created for uberhotrodder, George Poteet and proved it's worth on and off the track. Unfortunately, the Torino was buried deep in the bowels of SEMA in the BASF booth. Even though past OUSCI competitor, Chris Keinitz, was able to extract the '61 Mercedes-Bent from the BASF booth in 2010, it was a different story for the Rad Rides crew this year.

They were apparently stuck in Central Hall, unable to exit until 7PM, the cut-off time for reaching the end of the Detroit Speed Road Rally. As a result, the Torino ran in the exhibition class, but it was definitely on the track, proving it had performance to back up it's stunning looks. We applaud everyone at Rad Rides for stepping up on the biggest of street car stages. The Torino has more than 3,000 miles on it, since the build was completed, so we have no doubt it is street-worthy and we really enjoyed seeing it on the track and at the OUSCI!