OUSCI Preview- Andrew Nier's 2012 Ford Mustang GT


As the inaugural season of the Ultimate Street Car Association drew to a close, the points chase heated up and several competitors realized there hopes of making the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, presented by KN Filters hinged on their participation (or lack thereof) at the final event at Pittsburgh International Raceway. Andrew Nier was once such competitor and the standings didn't care that his 2012 Ford Mustang GT resided in California. If Nier wanted into the OUSCI, a cross-country trip was in order, along the lines of what fellow competitor Matt Alcala also faced with his SoCal Ford Mustang.

Nier installed a roof rack to carry his race tires and made the journey, only to encounter clutch issues when during the Pittsburgh event. An all-nighter was pulled not only to get the car back on track, but just to survive the drive back to California. Ultimately, KN Filters rewarded Andrew's efforts with a Spirit of the Event invitation to the 2014 OUSCI.

So how did Nier celebrate? "After the nearly 5,500-mile trip, the car just sat for about a week," said Nier. "I was completely worn out and didn't want to touch it. In the meantime, I've been working on the logistical planning for the OUSCI and trying to find some more partners in my efforts." One such partner that recently came onboard for Nier is Wilwood Disc Brakes and he has just finished up an install of a new six-piston system for the event.

The rest of the car will largely remain unchanged, with the exception of some touch-up on the road rash the pony car picked up on it's cross-country journey. The 5.0 Coyote runs 403 horsepower to the wheels and will weigh in at approximately 3,800 pounds in Vegas. Andrew's visit to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway road course will be his first, but he likes that the climate will at least be similar to what the car sees in Southern California, which will make it far easier to adjust to track conditions than the damp, 40-degree temps the car saw in Pittsburgh. He does plan on watching as many track videos online as possible.

As for the competition in the desert, Nier is taking a pragmatic approach. "The all-wheel drive cars are going to be extremely hard to beat, but it doesn't mean any of us are backing down, and several rear-wheel drive cars can certainly take the fight to them," says Andrew. "I'm especially looking forward to running against Terry Fair's Mustang, as I've been following that build for years and can't wait to take to the track and see how mine holds up in comparison. I'd call myself a longshot, but I expect to put up the biggest fight on the road course. Considering I'm racing my daily driver, I'm honored just to have qualified."

Andrew tells us he has been fortunate to have the assistance of several great sponsors and supporters, including Hillbank MotorsportsWhiteline FlatoutAPR PerformanceForgestarBTi FabTrufiberDesigner Auto Accessories, and my newest addition, Wilwood Disc Brakes. If you'd like to see more of Andrew's car, check out Nier Racing Group on Facebook or buy tickets to the 2014 OUSCI and see it in person!