OUSCI Preview- Brad Coomer's 1970 Chevy C10


We're winding down our preview of the known field for the 2012 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, presented by Royal Purple and KN, but now that we're in Las Vegas, we're already checking out potential golden ticket contenders from the SEMA show. Today we're taking a closer look at Brad Coomer's 1970 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck.

This truck may look unfamiliar to those in the industry, because of it's freshly-painted exterior, which earned it the nickname, "Saturday Night Special." The home-built project took about three months to complete (although they claim to still be working on it) and we first laid eyes on it at Holley's LS Fest 2012, where it picked up a sixth place overall finish in a field that included several top OUSCI contenders, including defending 2011 Champion, Danny Popp.

By that time, the truck had already taken home the vendor class win at the Goodguys Columbus autocross, as well as a second place finish at Goodguys Iowa and a sixth place finish in their first outing at the Battle of the Banks. Since then, it has also snagged a win at the Goodguys Indianapolis autocross. It's safe to say this truck has been well sorted out...at least on an autocross. That has given Brad and his crew, which includes Trent Summers and Jason Brady, the confidence to predict a strong finish in the RideTech Autocross.

We don't know how much time the truck has logged on road courses, but these guys think it will perform well in the BFGoodich Hot Lap Challenge too. Even though the truck is amazingly light at just 3,000 pounds, they are not as confident of a high finish in the Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed Stop Challenge, perhaps due to the fact that their LS2 is producing only 500 horsepower. That engine, backed by a Bowler-built 4L80E transmission, is good for 12-flat quarter mile times at 109 mph, but in the OUSCI field, 500 horsepower is almost considered the bare minimum for serious contenders.

Brad and his buddies did make some rather important modifications, that do help them maximize the potential of their truck including a quick change rear end, from Winters Performance, which allows them to better tune their power to the specific courses they are running. No Limit engineering also supplied a front cross member and trailing arm kit to further improve handling and RideTech also provided triple-adjustable coilover shocks for further tuning flexibility.

One of the most-unique features of this truck are the custom-made Wide 5 wheels, which allow the truck to accept some serious Falken rubber, while saving a significant amount of weight over the standard hubs. That may score some points with the judges in the Lingenfelter Performance Design Challenge. Several other manufacturers also made significant contributions, including CaleKern Hotrods, Hilton Motorsports, Gearhead Performance and Jet Hot Coatings.

We're not sure why Brad's crew didn't predict a good finish in the Detroit Speed Engineering/JRI Shocks Road Rally, but with several other C10-based trucks in this year's field, it is sure to be exciting, just to see the competition amongst those amazing machines. If you want to see this event in person, buy your tickets now.

Once folks see OUSCI competitors lined up at SEMA, what tickets that are remaining usually go fast and there are less than 100 2012 OUSCI tickets available right now! If you think Brad Coomer's truck is the best C10 you've seen yet, give it a +1 or share it with your friends on Facebook.