Perseverance Pays Off

Popular Hotrodding magazine.  As Scott has left sunny California for Minnesota, he has stayed very active in hotrodding, recently publishing a book on V-8 performance. Coincidentally enough, much of the work on the engine in what has now become known as "The Chevelle from Hell " was documented in that book.


This photo came from our 2010 Faceoff event at Road America.  It was the first and last time we saw the big wagon in action in 2010, as the engine blew up at Road America during the event.  We didn't see that happen, but we've watched the wagon skid off the track at our 2009 Ultimate Street Car Invitational and we watched him lock 'em up at the Faceoff, prior to hitting the road course.  That can only lead us to imagine the spectacular fashion in which his engine let go on Road America's big track, because if you're going to have that happen, you'd at least want it to be spectacular in nature.

We're happy to report Scott's wagon is back on the road and better than ever (equipped with an OPTIMA battery, of course).  Parkhurst made a strong showing a few weeks back at the 2011 Heidt's Performance Car Challenge, which was a qualifying event for our 2011 Ultimate Street Car Invitational.  Scott also used it as an opportunity to dial his ride in for the Car Craft Real Street Eliminator competition the following weekend in his home state. 

The Real Street Eliminator competition is similar in format to many of the OUSCI qualifying events, except that the road course competition is replaced with a dyno pull.  The dyno pull also happens to be the tie-breaker and knowing this, Parkhurst plumbed his motor for a healthy shot of nitrous, which is totally acceptable within the rules of the competition.  It's a good thing he did, because the event came down to a tie and when it came to the tie-breaker, Scott cleaned up.  Congratulations to Scott on winning the 2011 Car Craft magazine Real Street Eliminator!

If you'd like to read more about Scott's car and his journey back to Minnesota, check out Scotty Gosson's two-part interview.