Pure Vision's OPTIMA-Powered Duster Stands Alone


We love Camaros and Mustangs as much as anyone.  In fact, if you polled OPTIMA employees, you'd find that we've owned our share of both pony cars.  However, we love it when someone steps away from the norm comes up with a unique creation that forever changes the way we look at a car.  Pure Vision accomplished just that with Romeo Furio's '71 Plymouth Duster.

Builder Steve Strope already had several impressive cars in his resume, but the Duster represents one of the first creations to emerge from Strope's Pure Vision shop.  While most hot rodders wouldn't give a second thought to building a Pro-Touring Duster, Strope convinced Furio that he could build the Duster into a machine that was every bit the equal of the most popular pony cars out there, if not better.

Strope's Dust Ya ended up far exceeding anyone's expectations of what could be done with the humble Duster.  We first spotted the car on the 2002 Power Tour and we've been big fans ever since and not just because it runs an OPTIMA battery!  You can read Hot Rod's story on the Duster here- http://www.hotrod.com/featuredvehicles/91658_1971_plymouth_duster/index.html