Our partnership with bass fisherman and OPTIMA Batteries sponsored angler, Edwin Evers, spans more than 10 years. We caught up with him and he spoke to us about the benefits of running OPTIMA Batteries and his affinity for our products.

Q: Why are the rugged OPTIMA® Batteries important in a boat like yours with a trolling motor?

A: My OPTIMA Batteries are the single most important thing in my boat. They provide non-stop power to help power my trolling motor and other electrical components. My batteries are pretty much the heartbeat of my entire boat.

Q: How have the electrical demands of modern boats made a reliable power source crucial?

A: Modern electronics are bigger, brighter and just… more. When my career was starting I had three inch screens and now my depth finder screens are sixteen inches; plus, I now have four depth finders rather than just one. I also have a weather module to tell me how far away lightning is. Overall the electrical demand on today’s boats is huge and it is more than we have ever had in the past. My OPTIMA BLUETOPs with deep cycling help power all these electronics.

Q: Has there been an instance where the battery has helped you win a tournament or avoid an issue on the water?

A: It’s a year-long success story. There are not good shocks on my boat trailer; there are times I will be driving to a tournament across the country and the entire trailer comes off the ground. The OPTIMA BLUETOPs can take the beating and they last so long. My first set of OPTIMA BLUETOP Batteries lasted more than nine and a half years.

Q: Do you have a maintenance ritual to ensure your boat is ready to get you through a long day out on the water?

A: Battery maintenance is built into my preparation for a tournament. The batteries are the first thing I look at when I look at my boat every morning to make sure they are charged. Then I check the weather, wind and water level, and finally fuel up.

Q: How long have you been using OPTIMA Batteries? Were you using another battery prior to switching to OPTIMA? If so, what convinced you to switch?

A: I’ve been with OPTIMA for as long as I can remember, over 10 years for sure. But I started using OPTIMA Batteries in 2000 ever before my partnership started. I had a set of BLUETOPs in one of my aluminum boats for about 9 years. OPTIMA BLUETOP batteries are the longest lasting and highest performing batteries I have seen on the market.

Did you know you can get the same OPTIMA BLUETOP batteries Edwin uses in his boat, direct from the factory?