Q&A with OPTIMA Angler, Edwin Evers

OPTIMA bass pro Edwin Evers is fishing his 10th Bassmaster Classic and the event, taking place in the famous Louisiana Delta, starts tomorrow. We caught up with Edwin today, as he was working on tackle in the BASS boatyard.

OPTIMA: Edwin, you’re coming off one of your best, most consistent years, having finished a close second to KVD for the Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year. So, the obvious question is “how are you feeling about your chances” heading into this event?

EDWIN: I feel good. The last time I visited this fishery I won, so there’s a good deal of confidence on my end. Plus, it’s just a neat fishery. It’s very diverse but can be grueling as well, not only on the anglers but on equipment. There are no shortage of things that can go wrong out in the swamp.

OPTIMA: Like what?

EDWIN: Where do you start? You can get grounded in shallow water, there are plenty of things to hit, there are plenty of wide open, shallow spaces that can get real rough and there’s always the risk of running out of fuel. The only thing you can do is prepare, make sure you know your game plan and trust your equipment. The guys who do the best job of avoiding disaster and making the most of their fishing time are going to put themselves in position to do real well.

OPTIMA: It sounds like you got a real-life lesson in disaster management this week. Care to tell us about it?

EDWIN: Well, I got stuck in the swamp for more than six hours. It was last Friday, the first practice day for the Classic and I found a spot I wanted to go to on the map. It looked like an area of shallow water with deep water behind it. I went for it and just kept running out of speed and the water never got any deeper. I sat there freezing cold til 8:00 pm and it finally took an airboat to get me out of there. I got back to the hotel after 10:00 pm. Not a productive afternoon. It was quite the ordeal.

OPTIMA: So, now that you’ve got that out of your system, it’s time to fish for real starting tomorrow. Other than you, of course, who do you think has a good chance at winning this Classic?

EDWIN: Actually, I think my brother-in-law Terry Butcher has a real good shot at it. I also think this could be the tournament where Jeff Kriet breaks out and gets his coveted Classic win.

OPTIMA: We know that at every Classic, sponsors are working with their pros to put new technology, new gear and new baits to the test. What are your secret weapons for the 2011 Classic?

EDWIN: Well, I’ve got a couple pretty cool new baits from Yum. The Hammerhead is going to be a killer bait and I’ll be fishing it quite a bit. The Mighty Bug is a great creature bait that Yum is coming out with. I’ll be catching lots of bass on that thing this week. As far as technology, I actually think the new Lowrance radar I have will be a big advantage. If we have fog, which is pretty common this time of year in the delta, having technology that identifies obstacles well in advance will be huge for safety.

OPTIMA: Edwin, we’ll let you get back to tying lines. Good luck this weekend. Everyone at OPTIMA and the entire Power Pack Nation will be pulling for you.