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Did you know we print our e-mail address ( and our phone number (1-888-8-OPTIMA) on every battery we sell? We can answer just about all of your questions via e-mail or by phone, but some folks prefer to have their questions answered here and we're happy to oblige. So, let's get to it.

Justin D asks, "I have a twin BLUETOP OPTIMA batteries in my diesel truck. I am looking for a compatible jump start charger. Can you help?"

We get that question a lot, because there are a lot of folks who think you need a special charger for an OPTIMA battery. The truth is, you don't need a special charger for an OPTIMA battery. We don't recommend using "gel" or "gel/AGM" charger settings, because OPTIMA batteries are not gel batteries and those settings may not fully-charge non-gel batteries, but most chargers will work just fine on their regular settings. We don't recommend using jump-start charger settings (or any setting that exceeds 10 amps), as that may overcharge an OPTIMA battery (or any other battery). If your battery is so deeply-discharged that you need a jump-start to get it going, you really should fully-recharge it with a regular battery charger, like the OPTIMA Digital 1200.

The next question comes from R. Carr, who asks, "Can I use my standard charger and maintenance charger on my new REDTOP?"

Absolutely! (we told you we got this question a lot). As we mentioned with Justin, just don't use "gel" or even "gel/AGM" settings or any rate that exceeds 10 amps.

Our next question comes from France (and in French) from Tardy, who asks, "Bonjour Monsieur quelle batterie Optima pour mover caravane 1250 kg intensité maximun 100A à 110A MOTEUR CC 12V. Merci. Pas encore de réponse de la France depuis 6 semaines minimum?"

Bonjour! Nous nous excusons pour notre mauvaise utilisation de la langue française. On dirait que vous êtes à la recherche pour une batterie pour une caravane qui a 100 ampères de capacité. Le plus grand de batterie nous offrons pour de telles applications est notre BLUETOP de D31M qui a 75 ampères. Certains de nos clients utilisent plus d'un de ceux-ci dans des caravanes pour atteindre la capacité de réserve désiré.

Our next question comes from Steve, who asks, "Are those OPTIMA batteries made of gel cell?

That's another great question, as we hear that asked quite a bit. The simple answer is no. In fact, the next gel cell battery you see in an automotive application might be the first. Gel and AGM batteries (which is what OPTIMA batteries are) are two different technologies. The important thing to remember is that AGM and other batteries should not be charged on "gel" or even "gel/AGM" charger settings, as even some chargers that combine gel and AGM on one setting may not fully-charge non-gel batteries.

Our next question comes from Bruce, who asks, "Is there an OPTIMA battery available for a Harley Decker?"

We googled "Harley Decker" and still aren't sure what it is, but if it's a Harley-Davidson, then the answer is yes! As of July 2023, OPTIMA offers ORANGETOP Lithium powersports batteries that fit more than 95% of the powersports market, including most Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The next question comes from Lord J., who says, "I'm looking at buying a new battery for my 2003 Ford Mustang (3.8) and I can't find the one that would work for my car. Can you help?

Unfortunately Lord, there are dozens of different battery group sizes and we don't offer what we consider to be "direct-fit" replacements for all of them. However, we know of many late-model Mustang owners, who do use our batteries in fitments that we consider "custom." You can find more information on custom fitments for your Mustang here.

Our next question is about golf carts and comes from Garry, who asks, "In my 48-volt golf cart, can I replace my six 8 volt batteries with four 12 volt YELLOWTOPs wired in series, and still use the charger that came with the cart? Is that battery made for that application?"

Hi Garry, you could use 12-volt batteries in a 48-volt application, but you'll want to understand the difference in warranty terms for batteries in series string applications and you'll want to check with the charger or cart manufacturer regarding charging specifications.

The next question is about some basics of electrical concepts and comes from Sagar, who asks, "How does 12 volts convert to amps?"

Sagar, this might be one of those questions that is best-answered by a photo, which helps explain the difference between volts, amps and ohms-

Our next question comes from Corey, who asks, "I have a 21-foot Ultra boat with a 454 motor and a stereo with 12 speakers, two 12-inch subs and three amps. What battery do you recommend?"

An OPTIMA for sure, but given all the stereo equipment you have, we're thinking one might not be enough. We don't know how much space you have for your batteries, how you use your stereo, how loud it is when you do use it or if the engine is running or not, but all of those are factors to consider when making your decision. You should also make sure your entire electrical system has been upgraded to handle the increased demands, including your wiring and charging system. You may also want to consider isolating one battery for starting your engine, from the other battery (or batteries) that are used to power your stereo. That way, you can play your tunes all afternoon long on the sand bar and always know you have enough juice to start your engine and get you back home at the end of the day.

For your house (stereo) batteries, make sure you look at batteries designed for deep-cycle use, like our D34M, D27M and D31M BLUETOP batteries. In this application, cranking amps are not as important as reserve capacity and you'll want lots of it. The D27M has more capacity than the D34M and the D31M has more capacity than the D27M. For your starting battery, make sure you choose one that meets or exceeds the engine manufacturer's requirements for cranking amps, but there's no need to go overboard in that department.

Our final question is about older technology and comes from Tony M, who says, "I need to start a 1937 Flathead V-8 346 Cadillac 6 volt system. I need some power to push her through. Which of the OPTIMA batteries is the most-capable of turning amps or cranking ability?"

We only offer one 6-volt OPTIMA battery and it offers 1,000 cranking amps, which should be enough to get the job done on your Caddy.