Remote-mounted batteries in drag racing applications

OPTIMA Batteries
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When Bill and Darlene Clasen first started building their '67 Ford Mustang, their intent was to go drag racing. With that in mind, they wisely re-located their OPTIMA BLUETOP battery to the trunk of their car. This helps with weight distribution, allows for more space under the hood and can help protect a battery from high temperatures often found under the hood of serious race cars.

However, whenever a battery is re-located to an enclosed area, whether that is a trunk or interior of a vehicle, it should be properly-vented to the outside air. The chances of any battery ever venting is slim, but if that does happen, the fumes are both toxic and flammable. If that does happen, you definitely don't want those fumes sticking around.

Our D27M & D31M BLUETOPs both over provisions for external venting, as do our Group 78 REDTOPs, DS46B24R Prius batteries and Group 51 batteries.  If someone installs an OPTIMA battery without venting provisions in their trunk or interior, we recommend installing it in a sealed battery box that is vented to the outside atmosphere. We don't know which battery Bill Darlene chose, but we hope they have it vented to the outside air, even though their would-be drag car ended up turning into a trophy-hogging show car.