Ron Schwarz invited to the 2012 OPTIMA® Ultimate Street Car Invitational


Ron Schwarz and his 1967 widebody Ford Mustang were chosen as the OPTIMA Batteries Spirit of the Event Award winner at last weekend's Motorstate Challenge, in Watervliet, Michigan.

As an active member of the Pro-Touring community, Ron and his unique projects have been an inspiration to many individuals over the last few years. Schwarz has shown his passion for the hobby by participating in many events and has proven his building skills by creating some of the most unique cars the industry has ever seen- and the cars work!

He regularly drives his cars both to and from the events and competes at a high level, showing that form and function really do work together. Ron builds all of his projects at his own shop and has shown that he has both engineering and fabrication skills second to none. He's never too busy to share his knowledge and information with anybody that asks, and he has helped other enthusiasts to achieve their dreams with his help.

Ron joins a list of OUSCI invitees that also includes:

  • Greg Davidson, 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
  • Karl Dunn, 2007 Ford Mustang
  • Dale Akuszewski, 1964 Sunbeam Tiger
  • Paul Welch, 1978 Pontiac Trans Am
  • Cliff Elliott, 2011 Ford Mustang
  • Matt Jamojedney, 2003 BMW M3
  • Herb Stuart, 1967 Mercury Cougar
  • Brian Davis, 1999 Pontiac Trans Am
  • Pedro Gonzales, 1979 Pontiac Trans Am

As the field takes shape, the opportunities to get an invite continue to diminish. The next qualifying event is next month's Sandhills Open Road Challenge, which is already sold out. That means there are only three opportunities left to qualify for the 2012 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, if you're not signed up for SORC already. Those events are:

If you'd like to attend the OUSCI, but don't have a car or truck for the event, you can purchase tickets online now. Don't wait too long though, as spectator space is limited and dozens of tickets have already been sold in just the first few days since they went on sale. One way or another, we hope to see you out there!