Roostertail Racing's New Boat Continues to Impress


Whether a racer competes on land or water, making a move to new equipment can be daunting. There is obviously lots of previous knowledge that can be transferred over, but sometimes it takes some trial and error to get a new combination working. Trial and error for the Roostertail Racing's new hydroplane has been minimal.

Last weekend was only the second appearance for the hydroplane, butit is already showingalot of speed and challenging for the lead every time out, picking up a heat race win last Saturday. The next day, they came in second in the first race of the day and although they chased various mechanical gremlins all weekend,they finished up third overall.This success was preceeded by another heat win and second place finish init's maiden race in San Diego. We're excited to be a sponsor of Roostertail Racing and look forward to their success in the 2011 season!