RU Faster Than a Redneck? Prove it!


By now, many of you have caught the new TV Show on SPEED, RU Faster Than a Redneck? starring John Reep, Ken Squier and a whole bunch of "Rednecks."  We're actually very familiar with many of those Rednecks, as most of them have competed in the OPTIMA┬« Ultimate Street Car Invitational.

We've read the speculation from some viewers that the racing on RU Faster Than a Redneck is staged and the outcomes are pre-determined, although we're confident that was not the case. If you still don't believe the rednecks in their American muscle cars can take down drivers of European sports cars and Japanese imports and you happen to own one of those cars, we have a rare and unique opportunity for you.

Detroit Speed (the company owned by Redneck, Kyle Tucker) is hosting an event on April 20th and 21st at the same venue, Carolina Motorsports Park, where RU Faster Than a Redneck was filmed.  The event is called the Detroit Speed Southern Slam and it also happens to be a qualifying event for the 2013 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational. You can register for the Detroit Speed Southern Slam by clicking on this sentence.

Since the Detroit Speed Southern Slam is a qualifying event for the 2013 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, that means we'll be selecting at least one competitor from that event to bring their car to the 2013 SEMA Show, where it will be on display all week long and then compete in the 2013 OUSCI, which immediately follows the show.  There is a good chance several of the drivers from RU Faster Than a Redneck will be in the 2013 OUSCI, as that has been the case in just about every OUSCI we've ever run.

We do want to warn you, these Rednecks know a thing or two about driving.  Bill Howell actually runs the American Street Car Series, which puts on competitive driving events all over the country.  Bill, Kyle Tucker, Brian Finch and many of the other Rednecks regularly compete in those events and often win.  However, the format of these events differs in one important way from what you see on RU Faster Than A Redneck, the racing is not wheel to wheel.  That means your car is the only one on the track when you are racing, so if your sheet metal does get dinged up, you have no one to blame but yourself.

If you own a Japanese or European sports car, this the OUSCI qualifying events and the OUSCI itself are your opportunity to definitively answer the question- RU Faster Than a Redneck?  Space is typically limited in these events, so make sure you sign up today!