Running 9s with a REDTOP

OPTIMA Batteries
Milwaukee, WI

By the time most cars start running sub-10 second quarter miles, their batteries have been relocated to the trunk, for better weight distribution. Jose Torres has not done that yet with his '87 Buick Grand National and as a result, we were able to spot the REDTOP sitting in the corner of his engine bay. 

The REDTOP Jose is using has top posts, which means if he does decide to relocate his battery to the trunk, he'll probably need to either change batteries or buy a vented battery box at the same time (NHRA tech rules may even require a vented box for his ET mph). The reason for this is because all batteries can vent gas in extreme situations. Although this is unlikely to happen, there is always a chance that it can happen and it is better to be safe than sorry and make sure these batteries are properly-vented for a worst-case scenario. The only REDTOP we offer with provisions for external venting is our Group 78, which has no top post terminals. 

Many drag cars also run without alternators and if Jose decides to go in that direction, he'll definitely want to upgrade to a YELLOWTOP, as those batteries are designed for those applications.