SCCA June Sprints 2018 Results- Touring 3


The Touring 3 Class at the 2018 SCCA June Sprints at Road America competed in two races over the weekend of June 16th. Saturday's race was part of the Hoosier Racing Tire Super Tour, while the Chicago Region SCCA, who hosted the weekend, handed out trophies for Sunday's race winners. According the the SCCA website, the Touring classes were developed in a "response to the ever increasing performance of today's street cars and to expand participation by various manufacturers." They continue by saying the Touring classes are for cars, "which because of their performance potential, required some changes to their wheel/tires and suspension components." Cars in the Touring 3 Class include Nissan 350Zs and Mazda MX-5s. See the race results and photos below:

Hoosier Tire Saturday Race

DriverCar #CarFinish
Austin Allison442018 Mazda GMX51st
James Berlin1122003 Nissan 350Z2nd
Eric Palmer88Mazda GMX53rd
Patrick Price13Nissan 350Z4th
Joseph Boden45Mazda MX-5 Cup5th
Paul Kwiecinski22Mazda MX-5 Cup6th

Chicago Region SCCA Sunday Race

DriverCar #CarFinish
James Berlin1122003 Nissan 350Z1st
Austin Allison442018 Mazda GMX52nd
Patrick Price13Nissan 350Z3rd
Eric Palmer88Mazda GMX54th
Joseph Boden45Mazda MX-5 Cup5th

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