Six-Pack Batteries- Not a Gimmick

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OPTIMA Batteries
Milwaukee, WI

It is no secret that OPTIMA batteries have a very unique design. One can tell just by looking at them, that there is something very different about them, when compared to traditional flat-plate batteries. However, the question often asked is whether the difference does any good in real world conditions? The answer is a definitive YES!

OPTIMA batteries are up to 15 times more resistant to damage from vibration and a big part of that is because of the robust connection between cells. The straps that connect are cells together are cast into place, while just about every other battery you'll come across connects the cells with cheaper, less durable welds. Casting the connection from one cell to the next is definitely more expensive than welding, but it is one of the big reasons why OPTIMA batteries can offer superior performance. These connections are very thick and made from 99.99% pure virgin lead (most batteries use recycled lead).

These solid connections ensure the free flow of electricity into and out of our batteries. That means they can be charged faster and provide more power when needed. Think of this electrical flow to be like the flow of water. In many flat-plate batteries, bottlenecks in the flow of energy come in the form of intercell welds that are much smaller and contain impurities our cast straps do not have. Smaller connections and impure materials reduce the flow of current, just like dropping a load or boulders into the middle of a flowing stream.

The purity of the materials and the robust straps we use to connect our cells allows OPTIMA batteries to operate well beyond their specified ratings and are one of the big reasons our batteries offer both superior performance and lifespan.

Our unique cell design also results in far fewer internal components in OPTIMA SPIRALCELL batteries- about 30 internal parts, compared to more than 120 found in a traditional flat-plate battery. Highly vibration-resistant cells, premium materials and robust connections make for a battery that definitely lives up to The Ultimate Power Source­™ name. Buy factory-direct today.