Subaru WRX Battery

OPTIMA Batteries
Milwaukee, WI

Some car models change battery sizes with every generational change of the car and sometimes even within the same generation, but that's not the case for the Subaru WRX. Throughout most of it's production run, the Subaru WRX battery size has remained a Group 35 Battery, which OPTIMA offers in both a REDTOP and YELLOWTOP. So if you own a Subaru WRX and are looking to upgrade your battery, which one would you choose? It depends on how you use your car and if you've made any modifications to it.

The REDTOP 35 is about four pounds lighter and offers slightly more cranking amps than it's YELLOWTOP counterpart (910 vs 710). However, the YELLOWTOP D35 offers slightly more reserve capacity and the ability to be deep-cycled than the REDTOP (48Ah vs 44Ah). Both will start any Subaru WRX engine with ease, so it really comes down to how you use your car or what modifications you may have done to it. If your vehicle has significant electrical accessories, like an aftermarket stereo system, dash cam or car alarm, we would strongly recommend the YELLOWTOP. If you just need strong, reliable cranking power to get you down the road, then we'd suggest a REDTOP. Both come with three-year, free replacement warranties and if you buy directly from us and purchase a Digital 1200 battery charger & maintainer at the same time, we'll extend your free replacement battery warranty coverage by an additional year!