Suzuki Bandit Battery

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Motorcycle batteries have been the most-requested product of OPTIMA Batteries for as long as we can all remember. Finally, the day has arrived that OPTIMA Batteries now offers direct-fit lithium ORANGETOP motorcycle battery upgrades for more than 95% of the motorcycle market, including most Suzuki Bandit motorcycles. Unlike many of the other motorcycle batteries available in the market today, OPTIMA ORANGETOP lithium motorcycle batteries are packed with patented technology, exclusive to OPTIMA batteries, that will help maximize the performance and lifespan of your battery.

Quad terminals on OPTIMA ORANGETOP batteries make mounting a battery much easier and our patented POWERLINK™ system makes it easy to charge your battery and monitor state of charge. Additionally, the OPTIMA CPR™ system automatically disconnects your battery from your bike, if there is a current draw that is discharging your battery. The OPTIMA CPR system will also do this while there is still enough energy left to start your bike one more time.

Finally, as you would expect from the Ultimate Power Source®, all OPTIMA ORANGETOP Lithium motorcycle batteries have an integrated Battery Management System that automatically balances cells and controls state of charge in the battery. Fully-charged, these new ORANGETOP Lithium motorcycle batteries will measure about 13.9 volts and a great way to always keep them properly-maintained is with the OPTIMA D200+ battery maintainer, that works on both Lithium and lead-acid batteries (including all other OPTIMA Batteries).