The Diablo Chrysler 300

OPTIMA Batteries
Milwaukee, WI
We go to a lot of car shows and see a lot of vehicles, but few have the level of detail and attention found in the Diablo Chysler 300. Every trick in the book can probably found in this car in some shape or form. What we like most about it is the owner's choice of batteries. It is easy to take shortcuts when dealing with the electrical system- out of sight, out of mind, right?

That all works well, until you're at a show and it's time for everyone to go home and you're searching for a pair of jumper cables. This 300 handles that situation by using an isolated battery system, featuring an isolated REDTOP for starting duties and a pair of YELLOWTOPs for the stereo, lights and anything else that needs to be shown off during a typical day at a show.

Having the isolated and dedicated batteries is an important piece to the puzzle, but good battery maintenance makes this setup successful over the long haul. Running a stereo system all day can deeply-discharge even the biggest and best of batteries. The drive home may not give the alternator a chance to fully recharge those batteries, so it is good practice to charge them with a quality battery charger as soon as possible. Let your batteries sit in a partially-discharged state for extended periods of time and you're just asking for sulfation to diminish both your battery's performance and lifespan.