The One Lap Camaro Wins Again!

OPTIMA Batteries
South Bend, IN
Anyone with a passing interest in cars has probably heard of the legendary Cannonball Run. Thanks to the movies starring Burt Reynolds, even non-gearheads are probably somewhat familiar with the cross-country race. What many may not realize is that the Cannonball Run was actually based on a real race and that the race still continues to this day.
The format has changed over the years, but the spirit and enthusiasm is still as strong as ever.  In 2012, 75 vehicles entered the Brock Yates One Lap of America, including the OPTIMA-sponsored One Lap Camaro, piloted by James Shipka and Carl Casanova.  For the third year in a row, the One Lap Camaro was the top finisher in the Vintage American class and finished in the top half of the field overall, in 33rd position.
Just completing the nearly 3,300-mile journey is an accomplishment in and of itself.  For James and Carl to hang among a field littered with the latest GTRs, Corvettes and BMWs speaks to the great job they did preparing their car and driving it through a wide variety of challenges, including a wet skid pad, an autocross, drag race and several different road courses.  We applaud James and Carl on their outstanding effort! See more One Lap of America content here!