The OPTIMA Batteries Swag Wagon


Now that the OPTIMA Batteries Power Pack Nation 400K Ford Excursion has returned from the Sandhills Open Road Challenge, we have a unique offer for citizens of OPTIMA's Power Pack Nation. While this truck does spend most of it's time near OPTIMA's world headquarters in Southeastern Wiscsonsin, it also sees plenty of highway miles and has spent time in nine different states over the past few months. At least one upcoming trip will be to one of the last OUSCI Qualifying events at Holley's LSFest II, in early-September.

While OPTIMA Jim hauled a whole lot of cool OPTIMA gear out to Nebraska, he managed to save a few items for Power Pack Nation citizens. If you see the Power Pack Nation Excursion between now and the end of the year, flash your PPN card to OPTIMA Jim and he will hook you up with some gear from OPTIMA.