The OPTIMA Power Summit's Quickest


While there was no formal racing at the OPTIMA Batteries Power Summit's stop at Motorsports Park Hastings last week, all vehicles were equipped with transponders and times were recorded.  The question remaining is, who was driving during the car's fastest lap?  As we have seen at several other open track days, the pro-touring is a very friendly and shockingly trusting group of folks, who are often willing to toss their keys to a fellow participant, in the hopes of getting some feedback on their setup.

With that said, the following are the ten quickest times according to the transponders assigned to those drivers:

  1. Brian Finch     1:39.660
  2. John Parsons     1:40.124
  3. Mark Stielow     1:41.030
  4. Bill Goldberg     1:42.270
  5. Hartmut Feyhl     1:42.550
  6. Stacy Tucker     1:43.091
  7. Bret Voekel     1:46.557
  8. Tom McBride     1:47.401
  9. Tom Tomlinson 1:48.738
  10. OPTIMA's own Bill Howell with a 1:48.962 (.004 second quicker than 11th place)