The Power Pack Nation Excursion is now the "Swag Wagon"


The 2011 Sandhills Open Road Challenge and the first-ever OPTIMA Batteries Power Summit are just a few days away and final preparations are being made for our trek out to the middle of Nebraska. The Power Pack Nation 400K Ford Excursion has officialy turned into the "Swag Wagon," as it has been packed tightly with goodie bags and all kinds of merchandise that will not be making the return trip to Wisconsin.

The list includes:

  • 38 Duffel bags packed with a baseball hat, koozie, pen, jacket and backpack
  • 288 additional baseball hats
  • 329 additional koozies
  • 20 additional coolers
  • 12 additional backpacks
  • 16 additional duffel bags
  • 22 pens
  • Several hundred OPTIMA decals
  • Dozens of OPTIMA brochures
  • Dozens of battery terminal covers
  • Nine 3x6 banners
  • 10 4x8 banners
  • 24 Power Pack Nation t-shirts
  • Optima Jim's camera back, backpack, tripod, reflectors, duffel bag
  • Optima Jim's spare tools crate with jumper cables, assorted tools duct tape

Try sticking that in your hybrid! This photograph was taken just before Optima Jim's wife drove over the duffel bags in the driveway and in the chaos that ensued, dozens of neighborhood children made off with everything just mentioned on that list, except for the battery terminal covers and duct tape. We're joking of course, but we know some of the suits at OPTIMA read our blog every once in a while and we just wanted to get their heart rate going a little bit, in case they happened to be reading.

If you are a member of OPTIMA's Power Pack Nation and you happen to see Optima Jim's rig (sponsored by BF Goodrich, Hellwig, BMF, Magnaflow, Edge, Rancho) between Wisconsin Nebraska...or anywhere else, stop him in his tracks and show him your Power Pack Nation ID card and he will hook you up with some free gear.