The Right AGM Battery for You


For automotive enthusiasts, AGM batteries have long been the mainstay choice, surpassing other options in terms of durability, longevity and performance. AGM, or absorbed glass mat, batteries will not only perform better and last longer than flooded batteries, but their sealed design will help minimize the chance of battery acid causing damage to your vehicle. There are a few key considerations when choosing an AGM battery, including type of application, group size and number of batteries being used.

How to Choose an OPTIMA Battery: REDTOP® or YELLOWTOP®

Once you have decided to upgrade your build with an OPTIMA battery, consider how you plan to use your vehicle when it is finished. Will you be racing the vehicle? Displaying it at a car show? Installing hydraulics or other demanding electrical accessories? Depending on how your vehicle will be used, you have two options: OPTIMA REDTOP and YELLOWTOP batteries.

REDTOP batteries are designed to support high cranking power in vehicles and deliver strong ignition power. They can be used when the discharge cycle is shallow and the alternator takes over after the battery starts the vehicle. Go with a REDTOP battery if you:

  • Need reliable starting power
  • Have stock or average electrical loads (non-aftermarket accessories)
  • Have a daily driver that sees regular us

YELLOWTOP batteries are the ideal battery for off-road junkies and racing enthusiasts. They are best used in applications with accessory-heavy vehicles with demanding electrical systems and vehicles without alternators. They are dual-purpose, with premium engine cranking power in any temperature and deep-cycle capacity, which means they can repeatedly bounce back from deep power drains to full energy capacity. The lower internal resistance also provides more consistent power output and faster recharges. Go with a YELLOWTOP battery if you:

  • Need to power a vehicle with multiple electronic systems such as aftermarket car audio, built-in computers, GPS, inverters, etc.
  • Plan on using a winch
  • Have a race car without an alternator
  • Have a commercial or heavy-duty vehicle

Whichever OPTIMA battery you choose, you’ll benefit from each battery’s SPIRALCELL® technology. The six spiral-wound AGM cells are tightly compressed into one sealed case, giving the battery far fewer internal components, more robust intercell connections with 99.99 percent pure virgin lead.


Group Sizes

OPTIMA Batteries are made for a wide range of cars and trucks, both foreign and domestic, from the pre-war era all the way through the 21st century. Keep in mind, there are several different group sizes for all AGM Batteries, including OPTIMA REDTOPs and YELLOWTOPs. These sizes may vary in their exterior dimensions, weight, rated capacity and terminal configuration and some vehicles can accommodate several different sizes.

Choosing the right group size is as easy as using the “OPTIMA Battery Finder” tool on or checking out our battery fitment guide. You can also follow the recommendation by the vehicle manufacturer as found in the owner’s manual or by checking the reference guide at your local battery retailer or service center. If you are custom-mounting any battery in an enclosed area, like the trunk or interior, always make sure the battery is properly vented to the outside atmosphere. In the unlikely event a battery is overcharged, the gas that can vent from a battery is both flammable and toxic.


Tips on Using Multiple Batteries

If you’re running more than one battery, be sure to use batteries that are always identical in age, size and type. This is important because all batteries charge and discharge at different rates. As batteries age, the internal resistance increases, so if you use two different ages of batteries in tandem, one of the batteries will be doing more work than the other and both batteries will suffer. It’s also important to note AGM batteries will charge more quickly than other types of batteries, so if you mix and match AGM and flooded batteries, some will take longer to charge and may not deliver as much current when in use.

By selecting OPTIMA Batteries you will have more power and performance that will be long-lasting, and maintenance- and spill-free that you can continuously rely on.

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