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1. It's no secret that OPTIMA Batteries is the biggest name in AGM batteries in the world and it's no surprise that many of our batteries rank among the best-sellers on websites that sell car batteries and rank them in sales (we won't name names, but you can probably think of at least one such site).

2. What is a dirty secret is that many websites that want to present themselves as credible and authoritative resources for automotive information, like ranking car batteries, are nothing more than affiliate spam sites. What does that mean?

3. When a website signs up for an affiliate program, they earn a commission on sales, whenever they refer traffic to their affiliate partner site. For a pricey item like a $200 car battery, that might mean an affiliate site (like can earn a $10 commission every time someone clicks on a link from their website and buys that car battery on the affiliate partner site.

4. All it takes is one story that ranks high in search results and an endless stream of affiliate commissions start rolling in and car battery affiliate commissions can be very lucrative.

5. So how are these lists of Top-10 Best Replacement batteries created? Typically, someone goes to the website selling these batteries and looks at how they are ranked in sales, whether it is by "Best Replacement Batteries," "Best Performance Batteries" or some combination of those categories or others. That's how OPTIMA Batteries end up in these lists, often multiple times. 

6. When you think about it, unless all the batteries on these lists are the same size or are the same size as the battery you need, how do you really know which one is best?

7. The answer is that you won't know it from any of their bogus top-10 lists and the authors of those lists don't really care.

8. Their only hope is that you will either intentionally or accidentally click on their affiliate link and make a battery purchase that ends up putting money in their pocket.

9. We've been approached by affiliate marketers before, who want to set up programs for us, to refer traffic back to our website, with the promise that we can sell more batteries and pay these affiliate spam sites a modest commission for their "efforts."

10. We don't think that's the right way to earn your business and we don't think that's the right way for you to make a decision on buying a car battery, so we don't participate in such programs.