Top Three Tips from MLF Angler Wesley Strader

OPTIMA Batteries
Rockwood, TN

OPTIMA-sponsored pro angler Wesley Strader is the newest addition to the MLF tour. Wesley previously competed in the FLW tour and enters the MLF this year with over two decades of experience. Wesley attributes his start in fishing to his father, whose lessons have carried over into his professional career, where he hopes his skills can lead him to be a cup angler.

While in the midst of a busy MLF schedule, Wesley shares his top tips for individuals looking to take their fishing to the next level.

Tip #1: Focus on a specific skill and work to master it

If you are going to take your fishing to the next level, I suggest you master one specific skill – your go-to thing that helps you catch fish. That will give you the reassurance when you are facing tough competition that you have the ability to go catch fish with a specific skill that you really own.

One thing that has set me apart from others is being able to read the water. Being “wood wise” I call it. I pay attention to the things I see, and I’ve been able to pick up on changes on the water a little quicker than other competitors. I am not just looking at the water, I’m looking at the trees or flowers that bloom around the water. For example, when honeysuckles are blooming at home, I know that it’s post-spawn out on the lake and the fish are headed out deep.

Tip #2: Pick equipment and tools you can consistently rely on

I run several D31M BLUETOPs in my boat. I hadn’t used an OPTIMA Battery before the MLF tour, but I had talked to several people who had given OPTIMA great reviews. I’m extremely pleased with the batteries. They charge up quickly and they are lighter than other batteries I’ve tried out. I haven’t had a single issue with them, which lets me focus my attention on fishing. I would recommend them to anyone.

Tip #3: Life is too short to be unhappy – go for your dreams

My dad has been a major influence in my career. The one thing he reminded me more than anything was to really believe in myself. Before I made fishing my career, I came to him telling him how much I wanted to quit my job and fish full time. He said “I’ll give you one piece of advice. I’m 47 years old now, and life is too short to be unhappy. You need to go for your dreams and if you don’t make it, then you don’t make it. Just don’t go 30 years and look down the road and regret something you never tried. Go for it.”

Wesley is currently touring through the end of the summer. You can follow his successes on the MLF and FLW tours on Wesley's website.