Vaughn Gittin Jr Wife

OPTIMA Batteries
Monterrey, Mexico
You know Vaughn Gittin Jr's exploits behind the wheel, but do you know who he married? We do!
OPTIMA Batteries PowerPro Ambassador Vaughn Gittin Jr. has made quite a name for himself in the world of drifting and he's now expanded his range to include Ultra4 racing. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make that all happen in the successful way that Vaughn as done it, but he would also tell you he couldn't make it all happen, if it weren't for the support and backing of his wife, Abby.
For instance, suppose Vaughn gets bored during the Coronavirus stay-at-home lockdown and decides to drift up and down his driveyway. Someone needs to make sure there aren't kids playing in the driveway and the dog isn't running loose. Vaughn's wife Abby handles those tasks by reflex at this point and with great motherly instinct. Check out the video!

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