Vintage Racing - A Smorgasboard of Speed

The Hawk 2010 Road America
Vintage Racing Kohler International Challenge

Whether you are racing or spectating, vintage racing is a lot of fun! The Kohler International Challenge at Road America last weekend saw a field that numbered in the hundreds! Granted these cars don't all race at the same time, but it certainly keeps things interesting throughout the weekend. From vintage Indy cars, tohistoric stock cars, open wheel roadsters from the 1920s to Can-Am racers of the '60s and '70s, vintage racing has something for everyone.

One of the great benefits of vintage racing is that spectators are usually allowed to roam through the pit areas (at least they are at Road America). This allows the casual race fan to get up close to some of the most-famous race cars in history. With OPTIMA-tinted glasses, a trip in the pit area allows us to see the wide array of vehicles using our batteries. It's not uncommon to see several cars on the false grid getting starting assistance from OPTIMA batteries and we noticed more than a few, including Devil Dog Racing's '75 Chevron B-36 andToad Hall Racing's '69 Lola T-70 MKIII.

A walk through the pit area allowed us to take a closer look at some of the cars in competition, which allowed us to see the YELLOWTOP under the hood of Bill Dentinger's '56 Triumph TR3 (pictured above) and the REDTOP tucked in the back end of RT Restorations' All Sport Mustang, which was once driven in the Trans-Am series by Tommy Kendall-

RT Restorations' All Sport Mustang