Weeks Worth of Work for a Minute's Worth of Fame

DateMarch 20, 2012
We all watch TV commercials nearly every time we turn on the TV, but little thought is ever given as to how they come together.  OPTIMA Jim only knows a fraction of what was involved in producing our latest TV commercial, but from what he knows, it was a tremendous undertaking.

Jim was charged with the task of hauling Mark Stielow's Red Devil Camaro from Michigan out to California on very short notice, which can very nerve-racking if one considers the value of Stielow's Camaro and how much was riding on it's safe arrival in California.

Once it arrived safely, it was a grueling day of shooting, beginning before the sun rose and ending well after it set.  Stielow nearly ran his car out of fuel and rubber in the process.  The visible gash in the side of his right rear tire only increased, as he continued to drive on it to finish filming.  Fortunately, when filming wrapped up, the car was unscathed and soon had a brand-new set of tires on it.  We invite you to watch the commercial yourself and note how slowly Mark drives off into the sunset at the end of the day.  That wasn't done for dramatic effect- that's as fast as the car could safely be driven at that point, without the tire coming off the wheel!

It is a testament to Mark's craftsmanship as a builder, that his Camaro held up so well under such extreme conditions and never flinched.  We thank him for his willingness to beat on his Camaro for our benefit and hope he enjoys the final result!