What Are Racing Safety Measures?

OPTIMA Batteries
Boulder City, NV

Ask any racer their thoughts on course workers and rescue crews and you are likely to hear heaps of praise for these behind-the-scenes heroes, who make racing events possible. Racing simply wouldn't be what it is today, if it existed at all, without the dedication and support of these hard-working folks. OPTIMA also recognizes and appreciates their significant contribution to racing and we are happy to announce the renewal of our sponsorship with Motorsports Safety Solutions.

Motorsports Safety Solutions provides off-road fire, rescue and medical assistance to racers in several different organizations, including the Best in the Desert Racing Association, SCORE-International, the Southern California Sand Drag Association, the Arizona Fast Track Sand Drag Racing Association, Sandy Valley Motocross Park, Super Karts USA, and the Motorcycle Racing Association of Nevada.

You will see the crew from Motorsports Safety Solutions at five SCORE International off-road events, four California Sand Drag Association events, four Arizona Fast Track Racing events, four events at Avenal Raceway, the seven-day SuperKarts USA event at the Las Vegas Rio, Sandy Valley Motocross Park every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as 11 Best in the Desert races in 2012.

This Ford Excursion is their primary rescue vehicle, used at every event Motorsports Safety Solutions covers. This four-wheel drive truck is equipped with a 60-gallon onboard fire suppression system, a 12-volt Jaws of Life rescue tool, full medical gear to stabilize patients in the desert and dual OPTIMA YELLOWTOP batteries to power up all the lights, tools, sirens and radios.

Whether you are a racer or spectator, be sure to stop by and thank these folks for helping to make these events safe and enjoyable for everyone.