What are the Best Car Batteries to Buy?

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As we write this blog, the weather in the winter of 2018/19 has taken a turn on the colder side nationwide. Single digit temperatures are dipping into much of the Northern part of the United States, which means many people will soon find themselves shopping for a replacement battery for their car or truck. While we would prefer that everyone purchases an OPTIMA battery, we know our batteries don't fit in every vehicle and they aren't always the best choice for some of the vehicles they do fit into. If that last sentence surprises, let us explain.

OPTIMA batteries are AGM lead-acid batteries and the term "AGM" stands for "absorbed glass mat." That means instead of the electrolyte inside of the battery floating freely in between the plates, it is absorbed into fiberglass matting in between the plates. AGM batteries generally perform better and last longer than a typical "black box" flooded lead-acid battery. However, AGM batteries tend to be more expensive than a flooded lead-acid battery, which means they may not be the best choice for every vehicle.

For instance, if you are driving a $500 car that you just need to get you through the winter, you may want to find the cheapest, flooded lead-acid battery available. Likewise, if you are leasing a vehicle or plan on selling your vehicle soon, you may also want to spend as little as possible on a replacement battery.

So for vehicle owners who do plan on holding onto their cars and trucks, are OPTIMA batteries the best replacement battery option? If we have a battery that fits your car or truck, we believe a REDTOP or a YELLOWTOP are the best batteries on the market. While they may have a higher price tag than some other products, OPTIMA batteries can last up to three times as long as a traditional flooded lead-acid battery. Whether you choose to purchase an OPTIMA battery for your vehicle or not, there are some things you should know about battery purchases.

  • Most quality battery retailers will test your current battery for free. That may be a good place to start and help you determine if your battery does need to be replaced or maybe just needs to be properly-recharged.
  • You should purchase a battery that meets or exceeds the OE requirements for cranking amps and fits properly & safely in your vehicle.
  • Most battery purchases must be returned to the original retailer (or one of their other retail locations) for warranty service. That means if you purchase a battery online, it may not only take it longer to arrive, but it may take longer to receive warranty service if you have to ship it somewhere.
  • Many online sellers are not authorized retailers of any batteries, especially those selling batteries on eBay, Craigslist and Facebook. Make sure you verify their legitimacy and warranty procedure before making a purchase from an online retailer. (No one is authorized to sell new OPTIMA batteries on any of those sites and many of the batteries sold there are used and carry no warranty coverage, even if the seller says otherwise)
  • Properly-maintaining voltage in any battery will help improve battery performance and extend battery lifespan. Buying a quality battery maintenance device can more than pay for itself by improving performance and extending the lifespan of your battery.