What is a Squarebody?

Kissimmee, Florida
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General Motors' third generation of C/K trucks (the "C" designation connotes 2WD & the "K" designation connotes 4WD) was produced in total for 18 model years from 1973 through 1991. Although General Motors referred to these trucks as the "rounded line," enthusiasts quickly attached the "Squarebody" or "Square body" designation to them, when comparing them to previous and subsequent generations.

There was a bit of a split in the Squarebody designation though, as General Motors released their next generation of C/K pickup trucks in the 1988 model year. While the regular and extended cab pickups had the new-style GMT400 body design starting in 1988 (and running through the 2000 model year), the SUVs, including the Blazer and Suburban, continued to be produced as Squarebody trucks through the 1991 model year.

We recently visited the 2021 Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, Florida, where quite a few Squarebody trucks were headed across the block, which you can see in the photos below. From a battery standpoint, the Squarebody generation of GM trucks typically had several options to choose from, whether it was a 1973 C10 with a 350 or a 1991 3/4-ton GMC Suburban with a 454.