What is an Ultra4 Car?

OPTIMA Batteries
Kirkland, WA
Calling an Ultra4 a "car" really isn't an accurate description, although it does share some common elements with a car- a steering wheel, engine, four wheels and an engine. The similarities drop off a steep cliff from there, in fact, the cliff might be so steep a car would never survive it, but an Ultra4 would keep speeding through the debris at the bottom of the cliff and look for the next cliff to drive off.
Ultra4 vehicles are the most-extreme of offroad racing vehicle, able to crawl up rock faces an average person would have a hard time climbing with a rope and a friend to help. They can also speed across flat desert terrain at triple digit speeds. One of the best to ever do both is OPTIMA Brand Ambassador, Jason Blanton. Take a tour of his shop and get an up-close look at his Ultra4 in the latest edition of OPTIMA's High Performance House Call series. Watch the entire series free anytime on the OPTIMA Network on Amazon Fire.