What is the Cheapest Duesenberg?

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La Jolla, CA
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Friend of the brand, Jay Leno is known to have a Duesenberg or two tucked away in his impressive collection, but they are probably not the cheapest Duesenbergs around. In fact, they might lean in the opposite direction. We would suspect this incredible OPTIMA-equipped Duesenberg would be on the pricier side as well, considering it just won Best of Show at the 2023 LaJolla Concours d'Elegance. This particular example is a 1931 Weyman "TaperTail" Duesenberg speedster. Since Duesenberg was the featured marque of the Concurs, many of the best examples from around the world were gathered and this '31 from the Lyon Automobile Collection won top honors.

The Lyon Collection is particularly well-known for its large and unsurpassed collection of Duesenbergs. The Best of Show ’31 Weyman has serial #2450/engine J-437 and was designed by legendary auto designer, Gordon Buehrig and initially purchased by Walter Varney, who co-founded airlines that would eventually come to be known as United and Continental. This best of show award is just the latest accolade for this incredible ’31 Weymen and as always, we're honored some of the world's very finest automobiles are powered by OPTIMA Batteries.

So what is the cheapest Duesenberg? Considering even the replicas can fetch six figures, don't expect to pick up a genuine Duesenberg for less than about $125,000. When you get into exceptional models, like this '31 Weyman, expect the price tag to include at least two commas...if the car ever becomes available.