What is the SEMA Show Stand for?

OPTIMA Batteries
Las Vegas, NV
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What does "SEMA" stand for in the SEMA Show name? Easy! The "Specialty Equipment Marketing Association," although the acronym originally stood for Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association. As time moved on and the show, the trade organization behind it and the industry evolved, that old moniker became too focused on one segment of the automotive aftermarket. The show and the organization now cover a wide range of companies that make all kinds of aftermarket products for cars and trucks.

If you go to the SEMA Show today, the acronym could stand for "See Every Modification Available," because thousands of vehicles on display cover just about every popular make & model of vehicle that people might think about modifying with everything and anything that can be installed on them. The 2017 SEMA Show was where OPTIMA introduced their all-new Group H6/48 YELLOWTOP battery, which is a direct-fit replacement for most late-model Jeeps, with the help of Adam Carolla and the Motorator from the CarCast podcast. Check out the massive photo gallery from the 2017 SEMA Show below