What Size Battery Does a 2000 Chevy Silverado Take?

OPTIMA Batteries
Lake County, Florida

The 2000 Chevrolet Silverado can use a variety of battery sizes. So which one is the best choice? It depends on the truck and how it is used. If your Chevy Silverado is a daily driver, an OPTIMA REDTOP will work great and the 2000 Silverado can use either a Group 78 REDTOP, Group 34/78 REDTOP or a Group 75/25 REDTOP. The Group 78 batteries are a little larger than the 75/25 and will offer more cranking power and reserve capacity than the 75/25 REDTOP, although none of our REDTOPs are designed or warrantied for deep-cycle use. The 34/78 and 75/25 feature both side and top terminals, while the Group 78 only offers side terminals and is slightly shorter as a result.

If your Silverado has significant electrical accessories, like a car alarm, plow, winch, aftermarket stereo or lighting, then a YELLOWTOP would be a better choice. Similar to the REDTOP options, the D34/78 YELLOWTOP is slightly larger than the D75/25 YELLOWTOP and will offer more cranking power and reserve capacity as a result. Unlike the REDTOPs, the YELLOWTOPs are designed for both starting and deep-cycle use. 

Regardless of the battery you choose for your Silverado, you will maximize battery performance and lifespan, if you keep your voltage properly-maintained (~12.6-12.8V for REDTOPs & ~13.0-13.2V for YELLOWTOPs). We're so confident this is the case, we'll add an additional year of free replacement warranty coverage to your OPTIMA battery purchase, if you buy a Digital 1200 battery charger from us when you buy your OPTIMA battery.