What Size Battery Fits a 1964 Ford Mustang?

Do you have a 1964 Ford Mustang in either a convertible or hard top? If you're in need of a battery for your Mustang, OPTIMA offers several different options for your to choose from. While those batteries are all similar in size, there are some important differences. OPTIMA REDTOP batteries are SLI (starting/lighting/ignition) batteries, so they are designed to get your Mustang's engine started and will work fine for most cars on the road. However, some cars may have significant electrical accessories, like car alarms or large stereos, that can deeply-discharge car batteries. In those applications, we'd suggest using a YELLOWTOP battery, which is designed for both starting and deep-cycle use.

One other consideration is terminal configuration. The 34/78 and 75/25 batteries offer both top and side termination. Positive and negative post positions also can vary, with the negative (black) post located on the left side (when facing the front of the battery) on the 34R and Group 35 batteries, while the other direct-fitment choices for Ford Mustangs will have the positive post (red) on the left-hand side. Make sure not to confuse the two when re-connecting the battery to your Mustang. If your Mustang doesn't see regular use, using a quality battery maintenance device, like the OPTIMA Digital 400, would also be a good idea.