What's Inside a Stormchaser Truck?

OPTIMA Batteries

As Spring weather approaches, storm chasers all over the country gear up for their busy season. That includes the folks at ILCHASE, who use eight OPTIMA BLUETOP batteries to power their command vehicle. Eight batteries seems like a lot for any vehicle, until you see what is packed inside-

  • 3 rackmount CPUs for data collection/analysis/archiving and private server
  • 5 radios and scanner
  • Full mobile weather station
  • Multiple dedicated weather radios
  • Digital off-air television
  • 6000 watt true sine wave inverter with AC transfer switch
  • 8 OPTIMA BLUETOP deep cycle batteries
  • Emergency backup generator
  • Multiple LCD TV/PC monitors
  • VOIP PBX Cudatel phone system
  • 5 VOIP polycom IP670 phones
  • 2-way satellite IP and DBS system
  • Proprietary image communication system
  • Business class router with auto 3G data fallover
  • ATT 3g mobile broadband for redundant IP

They obviously have some fairly significant electrical demands, not to mention the very important need to get their truck started and moving when a tornado is bearing down on them! Eight OPTIMA batteries would certainly be considered excessive for the average motorist, but these guys sound like they're more than prepared.